Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ini link resmi BBM for Android dan Iphone yang dirilis BBM pagi ini, 21 Oktober 2013

Pagi ini , BBm resmi merilis link di googleplay BBM untuk Android, serta BBM untuk Iphone.

ini email yang saya dapatkan dari BBM pagi ini :

We promised you'd be the first to know when BBM™ for Android™ and iPhone® is available. We’re excited to announce that the rollout has resumed!

Due to incredible demand there is a line-up to start using BBM. But, since you took the time to sign up in advance, we'd like to give you the chance to start using BBM on Android or iPhone right away without having to wait in line.
Here's what to do to get past the line-up:
1. Visit BBM.com from your iPhone or Android browser to download BBM.
2. Once the BBM app has been installed, open it.
3. When asked to "Enter your email address to check if you can start using BBM", use the email address this message was sent to.
4. Get started with setting up BBM.


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