Sunday, 8 January 2012

Be careful with paypal, or your money will be LOST!!

Did you ever know paypal?
one of payment processor that is widely used on the internet, and most widely used on ebay? my advice is you should be careful with paypal, your money could be taken by paypal and will be used by them for 180 days or half a year! and of course that money can not you use to Whatever and will be retained by paypal!!

Do you know the reason? yes .. according to paypal because maybe your funds suspected of illegal funds, and others. Essentially they have confidence and have the right to use the cheap funds without interest! No need to borrow money to the bank with high interest, simply by creating a policy to hold funds for 180 days, then paypal will get cheaper funds with no interest!

imagine, if one day they / paypal can withstand a minimum fund of 400 dollars only, and there are 5000 people whose funds hold, you will find the sum of USD $ 2,000,000 per day, or the equivalent of USD $ 60,000,000 per month! and no interest!no surprise if paypal quick rich:)

whereas, the actual reason for the detention paypal customer funds were also sometimes absurd, sometimes with reason because the login is not correct, reasons of security which states that anyone other than authorized users log into your paypal account, so for the sake of security, the user official must submit proof of identity and sacn credit card, and then the decision is up to paypal, who often says "sorry, for security reasons, we will hold your funds for 180 days."

in this country, many banks that have implemented high security for its customers, so there can be no intruders are using authorized user accounts. it is because each person is given a token, which is used for all transactions, without the token, no transactions can be done.

If paypal have good faith in doing business, protecting consumers, of course, security issues are not just the responsibility of the user paypal, but paypal and should be the responsibility of users. not like today, when there is strangeness, either login or whatever, which are the responsibility and the guilty party is a paypal user, then the user is punishable by "should lend money parda paypal.

careful with paypal, or your funds will be used for 180 days, without any interest that you can enjoy!


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